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In case you missed it - here is the May 22, 2010 Newsday article, written by Bill Bleyer, regarding the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum's Phase 1 efforts to restore historic LIRR Steam Locomotive #35's running gear & tender.

LIRR steam train gets prepped for restoration obrm news may 2010

Originally published: LI Newsday May 22, 2010 10:35 PM - Updated: May 22, 2010 10:51 PM - By BILL BLEYER

Ronnie Jones attached a steel and brass quartering gauge to one of the 68-inch driving wheels of historic Long Island Rail Road steam locomotive No. 35 and began measuring angles.

The Steam Operations Corp. employee was determining if the massive wheel was in alignment with its twin on the other side of the axle. His measurements were among thousands the restoration firm made during a five-day visit last week to the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum.

"We're figuring out what condition the locomotive is in and what we have to do to make it operational again" so it can run on the museum's grounds, said company president Scott Lindsay.

Five years ago, the Birmingham, Ala., company surveyed the boiler that generated steam in the locomotive, which was retired in 1955. On this visit, the three-man team checked out the rest of the engine and tender, which carried coal and water, to see what can be restored.

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