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Welcome to our new website - we hope you will join us and "get on board" for this historic initiative. We know you will enjoy the ride!

Development Desk

Welcome to our redesigned website. Special thanks go to James Ubertini Visual Media Communications, Inc. These are exciting times for the Museum, and it is our hope that the new site will reflect the momentum and energy that now characterizes the pursuit of our initiatives.

We believe it will serve to educate and build support for the important mission of the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum - that being to heighten public awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the railroad's role in our heritage, and to increase public understanding of rail technology and its impact on Long Island life. The Museum will collect, preserve, and interpret the railroad heritage of Long Island.

The Oyster Bay Station, built in 1889 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places, will be preserved, restored, and house the Museum. OBRM has completed a structural analysis and a formal funding campaign to expedite this process is currently underway. The very place that President Theodore Roosevelt used to commute from his home, Sagamore Hill, and Washington, D.C., will now host families, school children, and other visitors.

Locomotive #35 was built in 1928 by the Pennsylvania RR's Juniata Shops, for the PRR's subsidiary, the Long Island Rail Road. #35 was one of the last steam engines in service on the LIRR. After years of effort and hard work by the OBRM Board, #35 is finally primed for its trip to Alabama and restoration by the Steam Operations Corp. We hope that this important initiative will hasten the day when people will be able to experience the sounds, sights, smells, and simple technology that can only be provided by a steam locomotive!

The Museum currently consists of a Visitor Center that houses railroad memorabilia, artifacts, and a veritable showcase for early 20th Century railroading.

The Museum Display Yard Collection contains, among other things:

  • A vintage P-54 passenger coach of the type that saw service on the LIRR from 1923 thru 1974.
  • Two 25 ton diesel switching locomotives that serves the LIRR from 1958 thru 1974.
  • A restored 1964-65 World's Fair locomotive cab.
  • The 1903 vintage "turntable" that was used to turn steam and, later, diesel locomotives, upon their arrival in Oyster Bay for their trip back west, has been restored and awaits permanent electrical supply.

Our newly designed site retains its classic feel by the uses of colors that came into use by the Pennsylvania Railroad, owner of the LIRR in the 1930s. 'Tuscan', a brick red, and gold leaf used for lettering and striping by the PRR give the site a sense of warmth and familiarity, especially to those who have an interest in trains.

The Oyster Bay Railroad Museum is working with the Town of Oyster Bay, Nassau County and the State of NY, as well as businesses and civic organizations to create a first class museum that will depict the rich history of the Long Island Rail Road and its impact on the hamlet and the region. The Museum will provide an experience that will be both educational and enjoyable for the entire family! Through interactive displays and hands- on learning experiences, visitors will be able to know what it was like to work, ride, and be part of the Long Island Rail Road's rich history.

We hope you will join us and "get on board" for this historic initiative. We know you will enjoy the ride!

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